Info about licence groups

Driving license - group A2

A2 vehicle category contains

motorcycles with or without sidecar and with an engine power up to 35 kW and with power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kW/kg which were not modified from motorcycles with double engine power.

Applicants must be older than 18 years of age. If an applicant is holder of A1 group driving licence, s/he shall pass an additional practical driving test only. If s/he is not holder of A1 group driving licence, s/he shall pass all driving lessons.

If an applicant passed an A1 group driving test in our driving school, s/he can pass an additional driving test for preferential price.

Driving license - group A

A category vehicle involves

  • Motorcycles with or without sidecar
  • Three-wheelers with an engine power over 15 kW

Applicants must be older than 24 years of age to be allowed to pass a driving test. Applicants must pass all driving lessons.

If an applicant is holder of an A2 group driving licence for at least two years, s/he can get an A group driving licence by passing an additional driving test only and s/he has not to attain 24 years of age.

If an applicant passed an A1 or A2 group driving test in our driving school, s/he can pass an additional driving test for a preferential price.

Driving license - group B

As B category vehicle category are classified motor vehicles

except of vehicles mentioned under subparagraphs a) to e) with a total permitted weight not exceeding 3.500 kg, with maximum 8 seats for passengers except of a driver that can tow a trailer of a highest permitted weight up to 750 kg unless maximum permitted weight of this vehicle combination exceeds 3 500 kg or unless this weight for extended driving licence tests exceeds 4 250 kg.

Driving license - group BE

As B+E vehicle category are classified vehicle combinations

composed of a vehicle quoted under subparagraph f) and a trailer of maximum permitted weight not exceeding 3 500 kg

Driving license - group BE96

group B96 is expanded Group B driving license

Vehicle combinatins more than 750kg where maximal allowed weight is more than 3 500kg but not exceed 4 250kg. There is no exam, only additinal driving test

Other services

Refresher lessons

Refresher lectures are designed for applicants who are holders of a valid driving licence but failed to drive a car for a longer period of time and need to „refresh“ their driving skills.

Refresher driving lessons are offered both in manual and automatic transmission cars.

For all applicants attending our refresher lectures a lesson on intersection driving is offered. This lesson is our BONUS free of charge.

Feel free to decide on the scope of your refresher lessons. A driver wants to start from scratch, other wish to make a ride in Prague under supervision of our instructor, someone wants to train parking parallel or reverse manoeuvres.

Repeated driving tests with us for FREE

we want everyone to pass the final exam at first try.

For those who did pass at first try, we offer all of the repeated attempts for free.

  • This offer is only for those students who have completed a full B course at our driving school and have benefited from the test. The duration of the course must not exceed 4 months.
  • It does not apply to students who have transferred to us from other driving schools, additional exams and return of the driving license.
  • The offer does not apply to the municipal office.
  • This offer is valid from October 20th. 2014 until the appeal.

Return of driving license

Do you want to get your driving license back?

The basic condition is you are no more disqualified from driving.

Fill in an application form a health certificate form. Both forms can be found on our website: "application form". Get both forms signed by your general practitioner. You have also to present your driver´s record history search for your tests (not through a Czech-point branch) and if you were under a ban of driving imposed by a court, you have also to present a court ruling. If your driving licence was withheld after you collecting 12 penalty points, you must undergo a traffic-psychological examination with a psychologist.

And then you can sit for a final driving test in a scope of an appropriate driving licence you want to get back.

Final practical driving test consists of a theory test and a practical driving test. We recommend all our applicants to buy at least one refresher driving lesson even if you consider yourself a good driver. Anyway, a test is only a test and you have to prepare yourself for the test very well.

Training company employees

All company employees using a company car are bound by law to attend this kind of training.
Employers are obligated to provide their employees with a regular annual training.

We offer our premises for this training or we can provide this training in your company premises in Prague or in its vicinity for FREE.

We will inform you on all new traffic regulation when attending this kind of training.

Driving School Dejvice was established in 1997. We have trained thousands of learner drivers for all driving licences since that time. After some time, we established a company branch in Roztoky. You can find us there under the business name Driving school Roztoky.

We extend our services continuously. We provide training in English and Russian. Training materials are available in these languages.

Our driving instructors are experienced motorcyclists who love motorbikes a lot and are also aware of all dangers connected with driving a motorbike. They can impart their valuable experience to our learner drivers.

We also offer courses for future school driving instructors. Teaching is at a branch in Prague 6 - 5 minutes from Dejvická metro station.